I used my Close Friends list to create my first $100,000 launch



There are a bajillion possibilities for how you could use your own Close Friends list list to grow your coaching biz and I wanna teach you about ALL of them: 


✔️ Use your Close Friends list like a waitlist to warm your audience up before a big launch [this is what I did when I had my 100k launch]

✔️ Add all the people who have already invested in your course, program or membership to your list

✔️ Offer extra trainings [or more advanced trainings] to those in your audience who are truly ready to rock.

✔️ Create a book club [or podcast club] using your Close Friends list


[...and there is SOOOO much more where that came from]


I figured out an Instagram hack that’s gonna completely change the game for you and your coaching biz...

...and [shhhhh] no one else is talking about it: 

Who cares about the Instagram algorithm and the dumb 10k swipe-up?🙄...we’re gonna completely blow up your biz with your Close Friends list


If you’re wondering wtf a Close Friends list is, then you-n-me need to have a chat pronto.

Because this super-secret Insta hack I’ve uncovered helped me build ride-or-die relationships with my community, established my authority as an expert coach, offer juicy AF additional trainings and create a 6-figure, sell-out launch [well it was actually $99, 835, but we’re rounding that shit up 😂].



Let’s define what the hell your Close Friends list is

[and why you need to be on this like a Real Housewife on a paid collab deal with a winery]

Instagram originally intended this Close Friends list of yours to be for...uhm, your close friends and family.

The idea behind it is this: when you’re on your 3rd bottomless mimosa at your boozy girls brunch and you decide it’s a good idea to re-enact Beyonce’s formation video with your girlfriends on the back patio, Insta wanted to give you a way to *just* send those story clips to people you’ve already indicated are your “close friends.” 

That way the rest of your audience doesn’t have to sit through that painful moment when you go off on your own accapella version of the chorus while serenading your waiter John [who spells his name  j-a-h-n, of course 🙄].

Ok, kewl...thank you, Instagram. 

But I have a way the hell better idea: let’s only have ONE mimosa and instead use your Close Friends list to blow up your coaching biz.

What if using your Close Friends List on Instagram IS the piece of the puzzle that’s been missing from your biz

[cause SPOILER ALERT: it friggin is]

Look, boo: I’m gonna cut to the chase….cause ain’t nobody got time to read a giant ass sales page for a $97 course, amirite?

I know you’ve probs heard a million diff pieces of advice around: 

  • How many times a week do you need to post on your feed vs stories
  • Whether you should be doing pointy reels or voice over reels [please stop pointing, for the record]
  • Why carousel posts are better than the entire August and Everything After album by the Counting Crows [ok, nothing on planet Earth is better than that, but you get my drift].

And ok sure: I’m not sayin’ that none of that stuff ⬆️ matters.

But what I AM saying is that focusing on intentionally using your Close Friends list effectively is going to move the needle for you and your biz way the hell harder and faster [that sounded way more x-rated than I intended] than any of this other playground bullshit.

Let’s get into’s exactly what we’re going to do in the Close Friends Blueprint program

I’m gonna help you  figure out how to go from “helllooo, is anyone there??” to “You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub, look, mami” on Instagram

Why you should be using your Close Friends list [and what this might look like]

  • How to use your list completely shift your engagement in the best way possible
  • Create FOMO *and* exclusivity at the same time with your audience to get them all riled up and ready to buy

Your Close Friends list gameplan

  • What close friends formula works best for you
  • Lots of examples that I’ve had success with [and seen work with my clients]

Exactly how to market your Close Friends list

  • How to get ppl to join your Close Friends list
  • Unique ideas for using your Close Friends list to market current and future programs

Video Tech Trainings

  • How to add ppl [and remove ppl from] your Close Friends list
  • How to post stories and trainings  to your Close Friends list
  • How to collect emails using your Close Friends list

Heyyyy, I’m Erica

I’m a former interior designer turned full-time biz coach...and I’ve built both of my multi-six-figure, super successful biz empires using nothing but Instagram [and my Close Friends list!].

✔️ My very first 1:1 coaching program [which I announced on Insta stories] sold out in one week.

✔️ I recently used my Close Friends list to create a 6-figure launch for my mastermind

✔️ My 1:1 coaching roster is fully booked out six to twelve months in advance. 

✔️ I made my first million...TBD, but comin soon.😜 

I'm now on a mission to help women just like you build your own biz empire using Instagram. And I truly, madly, deeply wanna be a part of YOUR story so you too can have the dreamiest, most baller life you can imagine. 

Speaking of dreamy lives, I moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with my husband and senior Basset Hound Gus in 2018...cause why the hell not. When you work with me, moving to Mexico is totally optional, but also highly recommended.

🌟 Not to brag, but people are kinda into me 🌟

Get the ENTIRE Close Friends List Blueprint for a One time payment of $97




  • 3 video modules
  • Video tech trainings
  • PDF workbook


Is this a live course?

Nope! This is a 3-video mini-course that you can watch whenever you want (and as many times as you want). As soon as you purchase the program you will immediately have access to everything, so you can go to town in 3...2...1.


How long will I have access to the material?

You will always have access to the material. So you can do the course on your own timeline. Yay!


What if I’ve never used my Close Friends list before?

Kool Moe D--then this mini-course will be perfect for you. There are tech trainings for absolute beginners, and I go through everything step-by-step. So even if you've neer heard of a Close Friends List before, you'll be in good hands.


I have a small following...will this still work for me?

Honestly, I think that using your Close Friends List in the ways I'm going to teach you might even work *better* for you than if you had a big audience! Having a smaller audience allows you to more easily make those deep connections and create your community in the most organic way possible. The techniques that I teach in this mini-course will truly work for anyone no matter how big or small your audience is.


Is this just for coaches?

This mini-course can work for anyone who has an online biz and primarily uses Instagram to market it. Since I mostly work with coaches and service providers in my own coaching practice, much of the material and examples will be geared toward that group. However, this Close Friends List thang is such a magical unicorn, I've seen it work with everrrry single type of online biz.